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Flower Code Messages

Updated: Apr 13

Distance learning can sometimes feel lonely, and it's important for kids and adults alike to connect with friends and loved ones. Wondering how to say hello with heartfelt notes that go beyond a virtual hangout? Consider weaving flower codes into notes for friends. These can be hand drawn or collaged and slipped into mailboxes or left as chalk drawings on the sidewalk in front of homes. You could even make a bouquet filled with meaning! Or write secret messages to be decoded and passed back and forth. The giver and the receiver alike will surely have fun learning the secret meaning behind some common flowers of spring and summer.

Common Flowers and their Meanings


“I Think of You”


“Think of Me”

DAISY “Innocence, Hope”

FORGET-ME-NOT “Do Not Forget Me”

PANSY “Thoughts”

RED ROSE “I Love You”

PINK ROSE “Happiness”


YELLOW TULIP “Sunshine in Your Smile”

ZINNIA “Thoughts of Absent Friends"

For these and more Flower Meanings: The Farmers Almanac

Helpful Hint: Don’t let your little artist become stymied by drawing complex flower shapes. Help them to see all the little shapes (ovals, circles, rectangles, triangles, etc) hidden inside the overall flower and have them break down the drawing shape by shape. Slowly build up the details and color to finalize the flower.

Flower Templates

For extra practice, here are a couple of resources of templates for printing:

Flower Drawing Template at GetDrawings | Free download

Flowers | Free Printable Templates & Coloring Pages

Flower Template Printable for Flower Lovers

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